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ULAB for Teens

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Teens— click to enter the ULAB now! Teachers and youth leaders, learn more below.

Young people aren't just a focus of our efforts. They're the foundation. With web versions of The Unity Lab's educational experiences, ULAB gives our most critical partners an online home that's all their own.

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What's Inside

Games like extraORDINARY You! build practical skills in organizing and advocacy. In extraORDINARY You, teens plan a virtual concert, learning along the way about the extraORDINARY people profiled in ULab's video database. ExtraORDINARY You! will also be available in our High School Lab and Digital Arts Studio at the George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science, in Sacramento, Calif.

Tools like Filmmaking offer online versions of UNITY Lab experiences. Teens can meld narration, music and film clips to visually promote a cause.

Videos of extraORDINARY People tell the compelling stories of youth and adults who have fostered change in their communities with tools and skills taught at The UNITY Lab.

 They Make a Difference highlights youth who are transforming their communities through tools for change. Teens learn tools to get active in their own communities.

They Make a Difference

ULab for Teachers

Follow up a visit to The UNITY Lab with ULAB's online resources to sustain learning back in the classroom. Or combine ULAB with The Institute's standards-aligned curriculum. Already using ULAB in your school? Let us know about it!