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Second Floor: Tools That Develop Individuals

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Examine the consequences of prejudice and violence and the benefits of positive choices and unity.

Second floor experiences are all about change as they guide you through a personal journey of self-awareness and growth. Build critical thinking skills while gaining insight into your perceptions of the world and the reasons for your actions. Click to enlarge the blueprint below.

IMAGE: Second floor diagram

Engage in activities that teach self-examination, empathy, analysis, exploration of perceptions and recognition of actions that can lead to mistreatment and violence— or that build unity and harmony.

Someone Else's Shoes

Take a journey toward self-discovery, understanding, and action, by experiencing another person’s real-life encounter with discrimination. 

“Change Starts with Me” Voting Theater

Change Starts with Me

As the compelling drama of a simple everyday action unfolds, see how your perception of the scene compares to others' in the 30-seat theater. Use the digital audience response system to develop skills for effective expression and interaction.

Do It! Workshops

Apply these tools for action in your daily life. Learn with others through diverse programs designed by community and education partners. Be a part of the ongoing learning opportunities for young people, educators, communities and policymakers.

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