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Protest These extraORDINARY People used the power of PROTEST to make a lasting change in their communities. Watch their stories and learn how you can harness the tool in your own life.

Korematsu Fred Korematsu His nonviolent protest of the unconstitutional internment of Japanese Americans during WWII spanned four decades and resulted in a landmark Supreme Court ruling.

KorematsuErica Fernandez Her organized and harmonious protests protected an agricultural community from corporate exploitation.

KorematsuVajra Watson She founded SAYS: Sacramento Area Youth Speaks to give young people a voice through hip hop and spoken word. "We underestimate young people," Vajra says. "They're ready to grab the mic. Are we ready to listen?"


More extraORDINARY People coming soon! Know someone who embodies these qualities? Nominate that person to be featured in the UNITY Lab.