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Kiki Vo

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Kiki Vo sets a powerful example of the transformative power of forgiveness. Her journey through life is a model for struggling youth everywhere.

Kiki Vo is an extraORDINARY Sacramento student who, through her perserverence, strong character, and ability to Forgive, has been able to celebrate life, finding happiness and success. Ten years ago, Kiki and her sisters were badly burned in a house fire in their native Vietnam that took the life of their mother. Raised by her father after securing treatment in the United States, Kiki and her sisters edured taunts and bullying and were separated when their father died of lung cancer a few years later. They have since been reunited.

However, Kiki does not focus on the pain from her loss. In her own words: "There is of course a part of me that is still hurting, but not from the fire. I'm hurt at the fact that I didn't forgive myself and others earlier...But now I have learned to forgive completely. I'm ready to move on to my next journey in life." You can read more about Kiki and other extraOrdinary Youth at the ULAB for Teens! website.

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