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AdvocateThese extraORDINARY People use the tool of ADVOCATE to make their opinions matter through persuasive speech and political action. Watch their videos and learn how you can take action through creative expression.

DrMarshallDr. Joseph Marshall, Jr. He co-founded the Omega Boys Club after years of working as a Middle School teacher and seeing too many of his students lost to drugs and violence.

Aitan GrossmanAitan Grossman He took to heart the call to action in Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" and began writing a song that would become an anthem for youth environmentalists. "100 Generations" has been recorded by schoolchildren as far away as Taiwan and Ethiopia.

Eliza Riley Through her youth leadership program, Eliza has given a sense of identity, community, and strength to a new generation of people with disabilities, and has witnessed many of them develop into successful, happy, visible, and productive members of society.

Nominate an extraORDINARY Person!More extraORDINARY People coming soon! Know someone who embodies these qualities? Nominate that person to be featured in the UNITY Lab.