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Express Yourself at George Washington Carver

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The George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science will showcase prototypes of new UNITY Lab experiences, like our first completed learning tool, Express Yourself.

Express Yourself empowers participants to articulate their perspectives through creative expression. It's the collaborative product of teachers, researchers, and professionals in the field of artistic design and media and educational technology— and combines political poster making, film editing, and spoken word poetry recording, inspired by youth-engaging video profiles of people whose creative work has inspired positive social change. The activities are hands-on, interactive, and build participants' skills with digital media technology. 

Ready to get started? Visit the ULAB for Teens and look for the Filmmaking Interactive!


Building UNITY at George Washington Carver

Through our partnership with the Sacramento City Unified School District, The Institute is establishing a showcase and testing UNITY Lab facility at the George Washington Carver School of Arts and Science. The facility will be an integral part of the school’s digital arts studio and career-tech program. It will enable students and teachers to develop integrated curriculum with The Lab’s learning experiences and allow us to continue to fabricate components while The UNITY Lab facility is under construction.

More Education Resources

Visit our Tools for Schools section for curriculum, reseach briefs, and other resources. Through a grant from the Verizon Foundation, we have developed Express Yourself also as a set of standards-aligned classroom lessons, covering multiple subjects for grades 7 through 12.