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UNITY Lab Tools for Change: TEACH

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Tool of TEACH

TEACHLaurence Tan is a great example of the successful implementation of the TEACH Tool for Transformation. Moving beyond simply reciting to students the three R's, TEACH encompasses the education of groups of individuals and improvement of the communities in which they live. Laurence, as a leader in the Watts community of Los Angeles, takes TEACH to a new level by demonstrating that each of his students has value--and the ability to change the world.

To many, a twelve-hour workday could not be done without the incentive of overtime. Laurence's incentive, however, is the opportunity for success that he provides for each one of his students. After keeping his classroom open for students that need help with homework, Laurence works with the Watts Youth Collective to provide a safe place for students, alumni, and community youth to creatively express themselves.

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