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UNITY Lab Tools for Change: PROTEST

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Power of PROTEST

ProtestAnother extraORDINARY Person this month, Erica Fernandez, exemplifies how the tool of PROTEST can effect positive social change. Unfortunately, our souring political climate has called for more PROTEST than usual, to preserve civil liberties, workers' rights and essential social programs in the face of unprecedented government cuts.

Yet perseverance and nonviolent social action are proven to impact dramatically our lives, communities, country, even the world. Effective PROTEST is much more than standing on a street corner with a sign, but each street corner and each sign is nevertheless an important component in the overall movement toward positive social change. This dialectic of individuality and unity encompasses both Individuals with decades of wisdom and commitment, like Fred Korematsu, and individuals with youthful drive and activism, like this month's extraORDINARY Person, Erica Fernandez. What PROTEST can do is outshined only by whom it can bring together.

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