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Best Practices: SEEDS

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(Ecological Society of America)

The Ecological Society of America established the SEEDS program in 1996 "to reduce, over time, the serious under-representation SEEDSwithin the field of ecology of individuals from certain minority groups." By diversifying and advancing the profession of ecology among these groups, SEEDS can champion the ideals of environmentalism in communities that are disproportionately affected by environmental justice issues, and lack the political capital
to ensure equity.

As an education- and experience-based organization, SEEDS nurtures underrepresented students' interests through opportunities like student field trips, undergraduate research fellowships, Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting awards, and campus ecology chapters. This month's extraORDINARY Person, Erica Fernandez, is co-president of the Stanford University Chapter.

The Stanford SEEDS chapter was awarded a SEEDS special grant in 2008.  Some highlights from their special grant projects include:

  • Stanford SEEDS students working with the Redwood Environmental Academy of  Leadership. This is ongoing work creating lasting change in the local community.
  • Spring quarter lecture on Diversity with Professor Rodolfo Dirzo open to the public.
  • Fall quarter visit by SEEDS alum and fellow Jorge Ramos.
  • REAL students and SEEDS participants field work at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve.
  • SEEDS and REAL fieldtrip to Fitzgerald Marine Reserve, Half Moon Bay.
  • Spring Lecture on diversity and urban ecology with Dr. Charles Nilon.
  • SEEDS/ REAL community wide poster presentation, awards for REAL students and potluck at Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve.

See the special project cover sheet, budget, and proposal.  
Click links to view photos of past events and more information about upcoming events