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Fred T. Korematsu Story Highlights the Power of Protest

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While much of today's media highlights violence as a means to solve conflict, many courageous people have demonstrated that discrimination and exclusion can be "combated" with nonviolence. The UNITY Lab's first floor will feature one of the most powerful and timeless social change tools--Protest.

In the Protest Learning Experience, youth will meet extraORDINARY people who have resisted injustice, including Fred T. Korematsu, whose nonviolent protest of the unconstitutional internment of Japanese Americans during WWII spanned several decades and resulted in a landmark Supreme Court ruling.


Korematsu's story is woven with compelling footage of other protests from the past and present.  As participants march along a set of footprints, their shadows will reveal these historic and current scenes along a large media wall leading into the entire gallery of interactives.

We are pleased to announce that Korematsu's video is complete. Watch the video on our web site, or check us out on Facebook and share with your friends!