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School Climate Consortium

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School Climate Consortium

The School Climate Consortium (SCC) is an innovative national collaborative of youth-serving nonprofits, community-based organizations and local education agencies unified by a common guiding principle: positive school climate is essential to creating an environment in which youth learn and thrive.

Our Mission
To promote the integration of positive school climate as a guiding principle in school thinking, planning and funding.

Our Vision
All students attend a school where they feel welcome, included, and both physically and emotionally safe: a school free of cruelty, bullying, and violence. View the SCC Policy Proposal, "Creating a Positive School Climate through Empowered Communities: A Framework for Bullying Prevention."

Our Commitment
All schools will be places where students are safe, feel safe, and know that they are safe; and the surrounding community will cultivate and share this commitment to a culture of safety and unity.

Our Values
1. To live and learn in a safe environment
2. To have access to a variety of caring and supportive adult relationships
3. To have opportunities for meaningful participation in school and community activities
4. To have caring and healthy role models
5. To develop every student's potential to be a positive and contributing member of the school and community

Our Partners

Institute for Advancing Unity
Institute for Advancing Unity is an education organization that promotes policies, programs and opportunities to improve school climates, eliminate prejudice and violence, and institutionalize unity as a community value.

Challenge Day
 Challenge Day's mission is to provide youth and their communities with experiential workshops and programs that demonstrate the possibility of love and connection through the celebration of diversity, truth and full expression. Building connection and empathy furthers the vision that all young people live in a world where they feel safe, loved and celebrated. Witness a Challenge Day firsthand on our YouTube Channel.

CommunityCommunity Matters Matters (creator of Safe School Ambassadors) provides information, expertise and programs to empower young people to be effective peacemakers and involved citizens who transform their schools and communities.  The organization partners with school and community leaders, parents and youth to forge new and effective solutions

Healthy Community Consortium
Healthy Community Consortium supports community collaboration in projects that improve quality of life, facilitates community coalitions and initiatives, and provides technical assistance to community-based organizations. HC2 focuses on youth, community building, and quality of life for seniors.

Petaluma City Schools
Petaluma City Schools  serves approximately 2,300 students in grades K-6, and 5,500 students in grades 7-12, from the City of Petaluma, CA and surrounding areas. The district encourages school, community and business collaboration. Community volunteers are numerous in the district, help sustain fine arts and athletic programs, and play a critical role in supporting school success.


Contact us to find out how the School Climate Consortium can help realize these values in your school and community.