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Creating a Positive School Climate through Empowered Communities: A Framework for Bullying Prevention

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The School Climate Consortium believes that by fostering a positive school climate schools can ensure the physical and emotional safety of their students and effectively stop the pervasive bullying in today’s schools. The Consortium has developed the Empowered Communities Model to help communities create safe, bully-free schools. Learn more in the summary below or download the full report.

The Empowered Communities Model is founded on the principle that a positive school climate is the foundation for safer, healthier, successful schools. This model brings together three stakeholder groups − the school staff, the student body, and community organizations − to implement best practices with proven results.

  • The school staff: Teachers, administrators, school boards, classified and certified union employees, and other school personnel are empowered to build positive relationships with students, trained to recognize and respond to bullying, and equipped with skills to intervene effectively.
  • The student body: Students in all grade levels are empowered to work with peers and school staff to foster a positive school climate, respond ‘on the spot’ with effective action, and report bullying incidents to appropriate adults.
  • Community organizations: Families, youth serving organizations, community members, local governments, NGOs, CBOs, faith based organizations, businesses, and law enforcement agencies are empowered to recognize and respond to bullying, engage with schools to continue programs outside the classroom, and inform effective policies for individual communities. The community supports these initiatives philosophically and financially to create a true partnership with the school.

When instituted at a school, the Empowered Communities Model serves as a framework on which other programs are built. In an Empowered Communities school, a range of bullying prevention models will be effective and the school is encouraged to customize a program that is best for its unique Communities.

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