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Unity Lab

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Harmony Garden Lab

Is clean air an environmental issue, or a social issue?

Third Floor: Tools That Build Community

Build community by discovering shared values.

Share music, food, dance, storytelling and celebrations. On this floor, participants will launch their pledges to build unity in the world beyond the Lab. Whether participating in a cultural festival or a town hall meeting, the objective is the same: to forge the foundation of a community committed to unity.

IMAGE: Third floor diagram

Second Floor: Tools That Develop Individuals

Examine the consequences of prejudice and violence and the benefits of positive choices and unity.

Second floor experiences are all about change as they guide you through a personal journey of self-awareness and growth. Build critical thinking skills while gaining insight into your perceptions of the world and the reasons for your actions. Click to enlarge the blueprint below.

First Floor: Tools That Transform Society

The first floor learning experiences guide participants through an exploration of social issues and a process of personal transformation.

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The UNITY Lab will be our hub for learning, relationship-building and resource exchange.

See for yourself in our Vision Video!

Vision and Mission

A Distinctive Approach

Our transformative learning experiences enable young people to move beyond awareness and into actions that build UNITY.

While many organizations today work toward social change, The Institute for Advancing Unity is distinguished by several characteristics, including:

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