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Unity Lab

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extraOrdinary People


extraORDINARY people are defined by personal choices that have inspired others to join in tremendous collective achievements.

Are you extraORDINARY?

The faces below are just a few of the extraORDINARY people who have used Tools for Change to build unity. Click on the Tools below to watch videos of their inspiring stories and learn how you can apply the tools in your own school or community.

Building UNITY A Permanent Home

Imagine a future in which people of different cultures, religions, orientations and abilities live in harmony, appreciating and learning from each other’s differences. Imagine a place where youth have an opportunity to “walk in the shoes” of others, to understand the importance of respect for others, to rejoice in the many extraordinary people who have overcome the challenges of prejudice. The future is upon us.  

The place is The UNITY Lab.

Alana Garrett Ferguson


In order to break the cycle of harassment, Alana used her own experiences and united with friends to begin a mentoring program, beginning with her former elementary school.

DeMonte Smith


DeMonte Smith is a student at Visitation Valley Middle School in San Francisco, where his small stature and voice were a magnet for bullies. Refusing to be intimidated, DeMonte joined the Safe School Ambassadors Program, to help make Visitation Valley free from bullying and harassment.

Brian Cox


Brian Cox is the Senior Director for the South Park Recreation Center in the neighborhood of South Park, an economically challenged, high-density inner city neighborhood on the south central side of Los Angeles. As Director, Brian has brought a community center that was over-run by gangs, and a park that was desolate, dark, and drug-ridden, back to life.

Chukuo Thao


When Thao saw the injustices endured by Hmong farmers, he organized the community to bring them economic development, training and assistance.

Janet Miller


Janet organized fellow teachers to challenge the statistics and create a safe learning environment for all students at Hoover Middle School

Jackie Rotman


Jackie created Everybody Dance Now! a nonprofit organization that aims to transform the lives of youth through dance, leadership, and community.

Azim Khamisa


In memory of his murdered son, Azim carries a message of forgiveness and mutual respect to groups of young people all over the country.

Eliza Riley


Eliza Riley, an advocate in Silicon Valley for the rights of people who have a disability, developed a youth leadership program to help others be "Loud and Proud."

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