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Institute Advancing Unity

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School Climate Consortium

School Climate Consortium

The School Climate Consortium (SCC) is an innovative national collaborative of youth-serving nonprofits, community-based organizations and local education agencies unified by a common guiding principle: positive school climate is essential to creating an environment in which youth learn and thrive.

About the Institute


The Institute for Advancing Unity is an education organization that brings together the most promising resources and practices to forge the relationships from which UNITY is born.

A Distinctive Approach

While many organizations today are engaged in activities related to social change, the Institute for Advancing Unity (formerly the Capital Unity Council) is distinguished by several characteristics, including

Letters of Support

Change begins with you.

You can make a personal difference in The Lab’s impact by voicing your support.

One letter of support can have an enormous impact, by inspiring others to take part in The Lab’s activities, join as community partner, or help raise funds.


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Board of Directors

  • Bob Martinez Board Member Consultant, Delegata View Bio
  • Dennis Mangers Board Member Member, Board of Governors, California State Bar View Bio
  • Genevieve Shiroma President Agricultural Labor Relations Board Member View Bio
  • Kais Menoufy Board Member CEO, Delegata View Bio
  • Kiki Vo Board Member First-Year Student, UC Berkeley View Bio
  • Kris Martin Board Member Director of Community Giving, United Auburn Indian Community View Bio
  • Morton Friedman Board Member Morton L Friedman, Inc. View Bio
  • Robert M. Harris Secretary CEO, Institute for Advancing Unity View Bio
  • Steve Stuck Treasurer General Manager, Univision
  • Zenae Scott Vice President Coordinator of Youth Development, SCUSD

How the Journey Began

Imagine a future in which people of different cultures, religions, orientations and abilities live in harmony, appreciating and learning from each other’s differences.

Imagine a place where youth have an opportunity to “walk in the shoes” of others, to understand the importance of respect for others, to rejoice in the heroes and heroines who have overcome the challenges of prejudice, injustice and bigotry. The Institute for Advancing Unity is building that future— at the UNITY Lab.

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