Kiki Vo

Board of Directors

Kiki Vo is an extraordinary Sacramento student who has overcome and accomplished much in the course of her 18 years. At the age of 9, Vo and her two sisters were badly burned in a house fire that killed their mother and nearly the whole family. With the help of a non-profit, her father moved the family from Vietnam to the US for treatment, but died of cancer before Vo graduated high school. Despite the hardships she endured— not least the 27 surgeries and painful healing —Vo has worked hard to become an exceptional student and community advocate.

Besides holding numerous leadership positions, Vo has used her past to benefit others, volunteering with burn victims and advocating for better fire safety. Accepted to prestigious UC Berkeley, Vo had no idea how she would pay for school. But drawing on her tremendous resilience to meet this new challenge, she has already applied for over 20 scholarships, and with the support of her community, raised over $25,000 to pay for her first year.